This wedding season will be all about light, funky, fabulous bridal Punjabi juttis. So to make them look like a desi diva on her D-day, this designer Punjabi jutti for bridal will add to her grace.

Jutti is treated as a queen, and bridal Punjabi jutti is considered very special. Juttis can also be comfortably worn in pre-marriage rituals, for which special celebration juttis come. Punjabi juttis are so comfortable that the desi diva prefers to wear juttis on her D-day.

New types of shoes are coming onto the market, but the sale of Punjabi shoes has remained the same. It is elementary to wear, which we can wear with any outfit.


The bridal Punjabi jutti is available in various categories and makes the bride more comfortable. Some of them are –

Glitter jutti raises its beauty.

Punjabi juttis keep us connected to the customs along with the dazzling style. A well-crafted Punjabi jutti that goes well with a bridal lehenga. Punjabi jutti look very funky, which catches everyone’s eye.

laced with flowers

Flowers hold an important place at the time of marriage. They give full fragrance to the wedding moment with their fragrance. As flower jewelry is made, they are now decorated on the jutti, which makes the bridal Punjabi jutti luxurious.

exquisite embroidery

Embroidery on juttis has been going on for centuries. Now the embroidery on the jute is done according to the bride’s lehenga, which enhances the beauty of the bridal even more. Bridal jutti also keeps it connected with its culture.

Gold Fashion

Even a little sparkle of gold works magic on anything. Gold shoes look very beautiful on the feet of the bride. This wedding season, a golden lehenga with a golden bridal Punjabi jutti completes the bridal outfit.

Mirror Magic

Mirror is considered an essential part of grooming. Just as it is impossible to dress up without a mirror, in the same way, small mirrors put on a jutti enhance its beauty of it. This is a significant add-on to the bride’s beauty and gives this bridal Punjabi jutti design a distinct identity.

Ghungroo –

The jutti with ghungroo suits the desi diva’s feet, increasing the desi diva’s identity. The ghungroos give a close look at the just. Pearl beauty The beauty of a pearl creates a different image of a thing. Anyway, the pearls on the jutti emerge, making the jutti very beautiful. Pearls are also applied on the bridal Punjabi jutti with a bridal look.

Traditional trend –

As the custom of gota work is going on from the past. Gota work is done on the dupatta in wedding rituals, which is considered very auspicious – which increases the beauty of the bridal. Similarly, Gota is decorated on the bridal Punjabi jutti, increasing its attractiveness.


Desi divas make themselves more glamorous by wearing bridal Punjabi juttis on their D-day. Punjabi juttis are very comfortable to wear and look very beautiful when worn. At the same time, Punjabi jutti keeps us connected with the customs. Jutti can also be made like a bridal outfit, which gives a fabulous look to the bridal.

It is also available online to order Punjabi Jutti from around the world. Punjabi Juti can be worn in everyday life and with different functions; this is its specialty.

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