Journey of House of Chikankari

Chikankari is a conventional style of white bloom weaving that is fastidiously planned utilizing a needle and string. It is fundamentally focused in Lucknow, the capital of the sizable province of Uttar Pradesh, in the north of India. It is a demonstration of the craftsmanship and perseverance of the craftsmans who have passed down this technique starting with one age then onto the next. This stunning sort of weaving is as yet done as our forefathers would have done it in and around Lucknow today.

Beginning an organization is no cakewalk, turning into a business visionary and utilizing many individuals takes a ton of difficult work. That is the very thing that mother-girl couple Poonam

Rawal and Aakriti Rawal of Delhi have been doing, investing some parcel of energy and difficult work to fabricate their organization Place of Chikankari, and bring many nearby craftsmans into a proper area. Their vision is to re-introduce the craftsmans’ craftsmanship and support it for a long time into the future. The mother-little girl pair Poonam Rawal and Aakriti Rawal originally sent off their business during the principal wave of lockdown and from that point forward have effectively placed it on the front.

Place of Chikankari organizers so far have been working with Chikankari weavers and dream to universally develop. The couple was as of late highlighted in Shark Tank India season 2 where they introduced their pioneering pitch and displayed crafted by Place of Chikankari. A ton has changed for them from that point forward, the mother-little girl team conceded in a meeting with She The People. They talked about their excursion, the difficulties they face, and what Shark Tank openness has been meaning for their business.

Aakriti Rawal began investigating about the specialty of chikankari to have a deep understanding of it. She went over the decay of the handwork business and declining craftsmans. She identified that there is not really any individual who is doing Chikankari on a greater scale on the web. She contemplated introducing Chikankari in a more trendy way and how that could be a mutually advantageous arrangement for the business as well with respect to the handwork craftsmans. Aakriti Rawal said, “We visited Lucknow, investigated market merchants, saw plans, process, from that point, there was no way but forward.”

The pair began their business in October 2020 with a group of 15 individuals, in 2021 theyn moved out to a greater spot and expanded their labor force. Right now, north of 70 representatives are working with them, with Poonam taking care of the tasks and quality check, though Aakriti centers around showcasing, business advancement, and funds of the organization. The undeniable group is set up with a promoting head to dispatch chief. Be that as it may, the team has its own arrangement of difficulties. 

Team’s Involvement with Shark Tank 

The team introduced Place Of Chikankari at the Shark Tank show. Sharks were dazzled with the vision of their beginning up and the entire thought of elevating the neighborhood craftsmans and putting Chikankari on the worldwide guide. Peyush Bansal and Aman Gupta added to the organization, they presently hold 3.75% value. A ton has changed for the mother-little girl team right from their Instagram supporters to site traffic.

Aakriti added, “Since Shark Tank individuals have been benevolent, and it truly doesn’t make any difference who got out whatever. After Shark Tank, the brand got a ton of affection and we trust in ourselves, that is all there is to it. The entire experience on Shark Tank was overpowering, it was enabling. It was to a greater extent a survey of two years of difficult work. The best part was two men supporting two ladies business people so that was invigorating and rousing.”

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