A Time for Art and History with Jaipur Watch Company

Jaipur Watch Company is a pleased ‘Made in India’ brand, saturated with the deep rooted craftsmanship customs of Jaipur and its set of experiences of great way of life. JWC grandstands the verifiable foundation of India on restricted release watches.

The brand utilizes pre-English period coins and postal stamps to embrace the verifiable tradition of the country. They have a client rundown of famous people from film stars to athletes, corporate characters and they invest heavily that even The Top state leader of India is a client of Jaipur Watch Company.

Gaurav Mehta, Organizer behind Jaipur Watch Company appeared his inheritance image on Shark Tank India, season 2 circulated on seventeenth January 2023, Tuesday. India’s first Miniature Extravagance watch brand resolutes of go worldwide after effectively enthralling the Indian watch market and watch specialists.

During the episode, Gaurav thinks back to the Sharks how in 2012 his energy of exploring different avenues regarding watches which has now become one of its sort business. The brand is prominently perceived for their restricted release watches that feature India’s set of experiences and rich legacy. Gaurav’s tryst with watches started early in life while trying different things with plans, he once implanted an English India 1 Pice Opening coin as a dial in one of his most loved watches of the time.

Shockingly it turned into an eye-catcher after which solicitations began pouring in from loved ones to purchase the watch. As of now. Gaurav considered the Jaipur Watch Company back in 2013. The very first watch organized by Gaurav has now turned into a top of the line restricted version watch that retails at Rs. 55,000.

The local brand handcrafts a restricted version choice of immortal pieces that radiate practice with an inconspicuous sprinkle of contemporary plan. Each watch is hand tailored fastidiously to be esteemed as legacies that can be passed down to ages. A portion of the famously realized plans are the Indian-themed watches that are inserted with pre-English period coins, postage stamps, Pichhwai compositions, feathers and valuable stones among others.

Albeit the brand couldn’t pack an arrangement from the financial backers on Shark Tank season 2, it surely turned a ton of eyes and established an extraordinary connection among the sharks. It got heavenly input from the sharks on their Pret and Custom tailored assortment as being one of the most creative Indian watch brands that catches Indian tribute flawlessly through their watches. Pret: The premade watches by Jaipur Watch Company prices from Rs, 20,000 to Rs. 55, 000. The Customized assortment enveloping specially made gold pieces are estimated between Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 2,400,000

Jaipur Watch Company is right now dealing with sending off a smartwatch to stay aware of the quickly developing industry. What’s more, they are additionally sending off a thrilling idea of making Moment Customized watches in something like 15 minutes at their live store in Jaipur and Delhi.

Talking about his experience on Shark Tank, Gaurav Mehta, the organizer behind Jaipur Watch Organization says, “It was a transformative encounter to make a big appearance in my image on a worldwide show. I gained a truly significant example from the sharks that lays the catalyst on the significance of having retail outlets in a time when everything is virtual.

We quickly took up the learning and opened two stores, in Delhi and Jaipur, just after the episode. I’m exceptionally glad to share that Anupam Mittal has turned into our client and requested two watches from us. He as of late got a watch made for Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and gifted him on the arrangements of KBC. Notwithstanding this Jaipur Watch Organization’s site moved past 50000+ guests short-term and furthermore acquired 1000+ devotees on Instagram.”

During the pitch, Gaurav got extraordinary counsel from Sharks, Namita and Anupam to make two separate brands under the Jaipur Watch organization that take care of various arrangements of crowd, one who favor comfort and other people who are optimistic. Peyush Bansal said that corporate giving ought not be under a similar rooftop to fabricate an extravagance brand that expects to send off stores in India. Shark Aman showed extraordinary love towards the brand and wished to help Gaurav Mehta in scaling the brand. Jaipur Watch Organization is an inheritance brand intending to take India worldwide.

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